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2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

I gear most of my coaching around this concept. You're not going to be perfect, you're going to make mistakes, but how you recover from those mistakes is where you thrive. Working on communication, finding yourself, your passion takes discipline with moving ahead a couple of steps but doing it at your speed. Effort and will can only come from you, however, I am here to remind you what you're aiming for.

I find that there are questions you need to ask yourself:

What have I tried so far? Create a list of the work you've done before.

What else is there?

Have I really tried everything?

What is the reason you're coming to a life coach?

What do you want out of a life coach?

What's holding you back?

On the surface, these questions can look easy and managed alone, however, having a friend/coach to challenge your steps and make it worth while will help with time and confidence.

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